When playing for “funsies” is a serious matter

Australian’s are competitive about sports. There’s no denying it. Sporting success is largely intertwined within our culture and even contributes to our overall feeling of self worth. Australian Olympic Chief John Coates summed up our attitudes towards winning nicely with this sentiment, “It seems un-Australian to me to settle for something second best.” Source. As our […]

What’s wrong with this picture?

Another case of the virtual triumphing over real-life. “Educational video gaming” could be coming to a classroom near you. According to Bristol University neuroscientist, Paul Howard-Jones”, it’s all about dopamine. “Educational video games” have been proven to stimulate the production of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine increases attention spans and encourages the creation of new […]

Australia, the Healthiest Nation by 2020

It’s a big call, and im guessing your first response when you read that heading was something along the lines of “are you kidding me?” But have a little faith Sport for Thought-ers. It IS possible. The National Preventative Health Taskforce (NHPT) have developed a comprehensive 7 step strategy to make “Australia The Healthiest Nation in The World […]

Dropping the ball

Australia isn’t the only country planning to drop mandatory physical education from the school curriculum. The British Government has recently made the decision to “scrap” the Labour Party’s current two-hour a week target for compulsory sport in British Schools. The decision has recently been slammed with criticism from the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, who […]

Recess Break or Activity Break?

What role does Recess play in the school day? Food break? Toilet Break? Just a break? Dont be too concerned if you’re not exactly sure. Not many Primary Schools know the answer either. Buckling under the pressure to include more academic instruction throughout the day, many schools are now disregarding the “Recess Break” completely. Source However […]

Feed the mind with exercise

Combining academic performance and physical activity may sound a bit conflicting.  Surprisingly however, not only do academic performance and physical activity go together, they work best together.(Source) Studies have shown that academic performance can be increased through regular physical activity. This is because physical activity increases the amount of blood flow to the brain. Increased blood flow then releases endorphins which […]