The myth of metabolism

I was out the other day when I overheard an incredibly rake-like gentleman talking to his friend about metabolisms. “My whole family has a really high metabolism, it’s hereditary”, he said. This comment made me realise that there are some common misconceptions about how our, and our children’s, metabolism works. Rather than try to explain […]

Smoking is bad for you…but guess whats even worse

Fact; smoking is bad for you. We know this. Your parents and probably every school teacher you’ve ever had have warned you against succumbing to the “death sticks”. Anti-smoking commercials are given air time in nearly every commercial break on television showing us exactly how deathly a nicotine addiction can be. Source However, what we don’t know […]

Recess Break or Activity Break?

What role does Recess play in the school day? Food break? Toilet Break? Just a break? Dont be too concerned if you’re not exactly sure. Not many Primary Schools know the answer either. Buckling under the pressure to include more academic instruction throughout the day, many schools are now disregarding the “Recess Break” completely. Source However […]