Kick off sport with AusKick

I’ve stumbled across a great little blog with a similar cause to ours. Active Sydney  promotes healthy lifestyle among kids and parents in Sydney. It has some great posts about how to get active in Sydney, and importantly how parents can keep their kids active. Their most recent post is an interesting look at AFL’s AusKick. […]

When playing for “funsies” is a serious matter

Australian’s are competitive about sports. There’s no denying it. Sporting success is largely intertwined within our culture and even contributes to our overall feeling of self worth. Australian Olympic Chief John Coates summed up our attitudes towards winning nicely with this sentiment, “It seems un-Australian to me to settle for something second best.” Source. As our […]

What’s wrong with this picture?

Another case of the virtual triumphing over real-life. “Educational video gaming” could be coming to a classroom near you. According to Bristol University neuroscientist, Paul Howard-Jones”, it’s all about dopamine. “Educational video games” have been proven to stimulate the production of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine increases attention spans and encourages the creation of new […]

Heading’s heading the way of the Dodo

We’ve already talked about how cartwheels were banned at a Sydney school, and now Let Kids be Kids has come across a story from the U.S. which is almost too difficult to believe. A Connecticut soccer club has banned children under the age of 10 from ‘heading’ the ball. The move had been made to promote safety, but […]

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Nike has recently released ‘Designed to Move‘, a report which shows how little physical exercise children do, and how this is affecting their health. The report shows that in just one generation, physical activity has dropped between 20-45% around the globe. Physical inactivity has become the norm, as technology replaces movement in the name of […]

Australia, the Healthiest Nation by 2020

It’s a big call, and im guessing your first response when you read that heading was something along the lines of “are you kidding me?” But have a little faith Sport for Thought-ers. It IS possible. The National Preventative Health Taskforce (NHPT) have developed a comprehensive 7 step strategy to make “Australia The Healthiest Nation in The World […]

Dropping the ball

Australia isn’t the only country planning to drop mandatory physical education from the school curriculum. The British Government has recently made the decision to “scrap” the Labour Party’s current two-hour a week target for compulsory sport in British Schools. The decision has recently been slammed with criticism from the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, who […]