Time to take a look in the mirror

Here at Sport for Thought, we go on a lot about sport in school; But in the picture of a healthy child, this is only one piece of the puzzle.

Numerous studies have found that the biggest factor influencing unhealthy habits and obesity in children is their parents behaviour. This should come as no surprise, parents are a pre-teen child’s biggest role model. If you’re struggling to keep your child healthy, maybe step back and look at some of your habits. Does your child not like sport because you don’t like sport? Does he play computer games all day because you’re working on your computer all day?

It’s hard to take a look at our own habits, but well worth the effort if we can improve our kids life.

Here are some healthy ideas you can enjoy with your kid:

Throw a ball! It’s so simple, yet surprisingly satisfying. This will give you some face-time with your kids and before you know it they’ll be chatting away about anything and everything.

Fly a kite. This is a great one for less competitive kids. Head out to the park on a windy day, kids are fascinated by kites.

Build something. This is often overlooked, but building something like a cubby house or a go-kart is great fun for more practical parents. You’ll both work up a sweat.

There are so many simple ways you can stay active with your kids, what do you enjoy doing with your kids?


3 thoughts on “Time to take a look in the mirror

  1. I’ve actually agreed with the idea of this post. A mate of mine’s parents have been smoking since they were teenagers, and when my mate reached the age of around 16/17 sure enough he started smoking and hasn’t stopped since. I don’t find it offensive or anything, but it’s just so obvious that your parents play such a role in what you enjoy and what habits you commit to. Again for instance I live in Sydney, a rugby-dominated state, yet I only watch and enjoy Australian rules football as my dad is from Adelaide and he’s loved it his whole life. All things said and done, parents should take a vested interest in what activities they participate in because it has such a huge influence on the rest of their kids’ lives.

  2. Being active, not just sport, should be part of everyday life – staying fit and active will help all children and their parents to have healthy, happy lives

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