The story so far

If you’re a regular, you’re probably sick of hearing about how physical education is being removed from the national 2014 primary school curriculum .

But it is happening.  Unless we do something about it.

Physical education is being removed in the name of education and better grades, but so far we’ve shown that removing P.E. from the curriculum will be detrimental to our children’s learning.

Physical Exercise:

We have a small following, but we really need your help to spread awareness for this important issue. If you’re passionate about saving play for our children, help spread this message and we can hopefully stop changes to the 2014 curriculum.

Please share this message in any way you can, and we can really get some momentum going.


7 thoughts on “The story so far

  1. This is spot on guys, as a children’s party entertainment company we understand the need for active kids. A happy kid is a healthy kid. Keep them active, and keep their brains refreshed! Congratulations guys this is an amazing campaign, keep up the great work!

    Kath Solly
    Head Fairy
    Supa Dupa Kids Parties

  2. They’re going to take sport off the curriculum? PPFFFTTTT game on. This is an absolute joke. P.E. was my favourite class as a kid! They might as well introduce a ‘how to perform a gastric bypass’ class instead. If sport gets taken off all these fat little kids are going to grow up into fat adults and then they’ll need the op so might as well know how to perform it in advance….
    Out of curiosity is there going to be a healthy eating class introduced or does one exist in primary schools alreay?

    • As far as Im aware no healthy eating classes currently exist in Primary Schools, but teachers are trying to develop some kind of “Healthy eating culture”. I remember at my Primary School we used to have a break called “Fruito” before recess, where you had to bring a piece of fruit to school and eat it our you werent allowed out of the classroom…Strange idea now I reflect back on it, but possibly something other schools should look into endorsing.

      • Fruito? I say that’s defiantly something that should be spread. I went to primary school in England and we would get in trouble for not finishing our bottles of milk at recess. We’re talking full cream country style milk here which as far as I know is not recommended for kids over 3 because its so fattening.

  3. Wow, I’m a first time visitor to this site and my first thought was holy crap I had no idea this was happening. Great campaign idea, this issue really needs alot of media attention its is ridiculous that PE is being removed from the curriculum especially when Australia has an ever increasing obesity rate.

  4. The other point that has to be said is that schools are reducing in available space as more kids attend the same amount of schools, because the government aren’t building enough of them – an issue prominent in the recent NSW Local Government elections. So that means there is less lunchtime and recess ‘playground’ space to run around in – making scheduled PE sessions critical in children getting their exercise fix.The other thing is PE allows children who aren’t academically gifted to excel at school which boosts self-esteem – I really like that you are promoting this issue!Also PE helps parents re-inforce views on veggies and fruit with kids.

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