Kick off sport with AusKick

I’ve stumbled across a great little blog with a similar cause to ours. Active Sydney  promotes healthy lifestyle among kids and parents in Sydney. It has some great posts about how to get active in Sydney, and importantly how parents can keep their kids active.

Their most recent post is an interesting look at AFL’s AusKick.

“The program provides boys and girls with a fun and safe Australian Football experience that serves as an introduction to a lifetime of involvement in the game. 

It’s not just about introducing children to Australian Football – it activates and develops within each child the desire for a healthy lifestyle and an association with our great game.”

 AusKick is a great initiative that pumps lots of money and time into AFL development for children aged four to twelve, if you’ve got a boy or girl that’s interested in Aussie football, or sport in general, check out Auskick.


3 thoughts on “Kick off sport with AusKick

  1. It’s good to see physical activity in children being promoted so heavily. Banning games or punishing children for playing is a direct route to obesity and health issues into the future. Auskick is a great program, similar to in2CRICKET. So many success stories will come of these relatively new programs in the near future.

    Great cause!

  2. Thanks for the promotion!
    It seems all three of our causes are involved in campaigning for children and their rights to play sport, as well as promoting the importance of sport for kids.
    Programs like Auskick, and similarly programs run by NAB, including kids netball, are fantastic ways to kick off a healthy and active lifestyle.

  3. I think it is really important to encourage sports for children to play in from a young age. Sports help build teamwork and encourages good work ethics and social interaction with others.. as well as the positive aspects of physical activity obviously which are also a bonus. Sports can also act as a great form of therapy and rehabilitation. For instance many of the the greatest Paralympic heroes of our day only turned to sport after they had incurred a disability of some sort. I think this page is important in raising awareness for the importance of sport for children.

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