Heading’s heading the way of the Dodo

We’ve already talked about how cartwheels were banned at a Sydney school, and now Let Kids be Kids has come across a story from the U.S. which is almost too difficult to believe.

A Connecticut soccer club has banned children under the age of 10 from ‘heading’ the ball.

The move had been made to promote safety, but really, heading is no more harmful than many of the activities children enjoy; activities which promote healthy movement and helping children learn their limits.

‘Let Kids be Kids’ says it better than we can, “To ban headers is to restrict development. An eleven-year-old player who has never headed the ball and is suddenly allowed to is in for a huge shock. Kids need practice with this skill and the earlier the better”

Let Kids be Kids is a great blog that promotes play and exercise for children. Check them out and let us know what you think!


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