Making the invisible visible

In July 2011, B2ten and Canadian Sport for Life ran the campaign “Recess”, with the aim of changing the way we teach sports to our kids. The commercial was run in conjuction with CBC’s ‘Run Run Revolution’, and featured primary-school aged children creating live infographs of some seriously sobering statistics. I know the campaign is […]

School sport or school play?

In a recent interview, John Coates,  Head of the Australian Olympic Committee, called for sport to be made compulsory in schools. The minister for school education,Peter Garrett ruled out making competitive sport compulsory, saying he doesn’t think kids should be forced “out on to a sporting field if they’ve got other interests”. Unfortunately, Australia’s culture of self worth […]

The myth of metabolism

I was out the other day when I overheard an incredibly rake-like gentleman talking to his friend about metabolisms. “My whole family has a really high metabolism, it’s hereditary”, he said. This comment made me realise that there are some common misconceptions about how our, and our children’s, metabolism works. Rather than try to explain […]