Australia, the Healthiest Nation by 2020

It’s a big call, and im guessing your first response when you read that heading was something along the lines of “are you kidding me?” But have a little faith Sport for Thought-ers. It IS possible.

The National Preventative Health Taskforce (NHPT) have developed a comprehensive 7 step strategy to make “Australia The Healthiest Nation in The World by 2020”.

The strategy covers all health issues; from obesity, to smoking, to “closing the gap” between indigenous and non-indigenous people, and everything else in between.

The NPHT’s strategy clearly outlines the importance of physical education in schools, as it is the school’s role to embed physical activity into the everyday life of children.

The NPHT plans to:

  • Fund, implement and promote school programs that encourage physical activity and enable healthy eating.
  • Incorporate Health and Physical Education (HPE) for all Australian children into the second stage of National Curriculum development
  • Australian and state governments to establish a national program to support implementation of the new curriculum, including teacher curriculum guidance and professional development opportunities
  • Expand the coverage of out-of-school care health programs such as Active After School, Eat Smart, Play Smart

Through implementing their strategy combined with a national reward scheme for outstanding contributions, the NPHT is hoping that Australia will rise from the ashes to become The Healthiest Nation in The World by 2020.



4 thoughts on “Australia, the Healthiest Nation by 2020

  1. This is a fantastic initiative! My campaign, Nutrish & Delish focused on Australia’s child obesity crisis currently affecting one quarter of Aussie kids. This would be another way, in conjunction with the focus on nutrition that we could try to combat the epidemic. Australia has always prided itself on its sporting capabilities and something I believe is a prominent part of our national identity. Kids playing sport, especially team sport not only aids them with physical benefits but all the essential character building skills that are part of working in a team and the social aspect of being with friends and enjoying the outdoors! Let’s hope we make it!!

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