Dropping the ball

Australia isn’t the only country planning to drop mandatory physical education from the school curriculum. The British Government has recently made the decision to “scrap” the Labour Party’s current two-hour a week target for compulsory sport in British Schools.

The decision has recently been slammed with criticism from the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, who passionately believes that we should be heading the other way.

Speaking at a press conference on “Olympic Legacy” in London, 9 August 2012, a nostalgic Johnson said that he “would like to see, frankly, the kind of regime I used to enjoy — compulsory two hours sport every day. I’ve no doubt that is the sort of thing that would be wonderful for kids across this country.”

Johnson then moved on to explain how widening student participation in sport was vital for the continued success and happiness of the country.

Johnson’s view on the importance of physical education in schools was controversially further supported by the British Labour Party’s very own Olympic Spokesman, Tessa Jowell.

“Schools that do a lot of sport tend to have better behaviour, less truancy, more children arriving on time. Schools that major on sport show better academic results, often from a very low base,” said Jowell.

Really makes you wonder, what is the world coming to? Who actually thinks culling physical education from the curriculum  is a good idea? Time to save play before the ball gets dropped completely.



2 thoughts on “Dropping the ball

  1. I think the main issue is that physical education isn’t taken seriously in the first place. I know that I NEVER (not joking) had a PE lesson in primary school and when it was compulsory in high school I didn’t understand or care for it. If I was taught when younger the importance of physical education I would’ve been a lot more willing to participate. I really think this is a huge concern.

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