Smoking is bad for you…but guess whats even worse

Fact; smoking is bad for you. We know this. Your parents and probably every school teacher you’ve ever had have warned you against succumbing to the “death sticks”. Anti-smoking commercials are given air time in nearly every commercial break on television showing us exactly how deathly a nicotine addiction can be. Source

However, what we don’t know is that leading a sedentary lifestyle could be the most harmful habit of all. According to a recent study from Harvard University, not exercising can be just as detrimental to your health as lighting up a cigarette. Source

Researchers believe that non-active lifestyles are responsible for an enormous 5.3 million deaths worldwide and that the issue has reached pandemic status. The results are eye-opening but not surprising when considered that only one quarter of the world’s population smoke, whereas a whopping two thirds of the world are classified as inactive. Source

Children are recommended to partake in at least an hour of moderate to vigorous exercise a day. However, with  the absence of mandatory physical activity in the 2014 national curriculum there is going to be a smaller and smaller window of opportunity for them to reach this quota. We might as well start preparing them for a lifetime of chronic illness now. Source


6 thoughts on “Smoking is bad for you…but guess whats even worse

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  2. Leading a sedentary lifestyle is harmful not just physically but mentally and emotionally too. Research shows that leading an active lifestyle promotes healthy mental health and increases seretonin levels and endorphins in the brain, thus helping the reduce the risks of depression. We’re totally FOR exercise and sport! You can check out more on what we’ve researched on our blog 🙂

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  4. Adults are capable of making decisions about their own health and habits. But we’re also responsible for the health of children who aren’t capable of delivering policy or making choices, and we’re making bad ones.

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