Australia, the Healthiest Nation by 2020

It’s a big call, and im guessing your first response when you read that heading was something along the lines of “are you kidding me?” But have a little faith Sport for Thought-ers. It IS possible. The National Preventative Health Taskforce (NHPT) have developed a comprehensive 7 step strategy to make “Australia The Healthiest Nation in The World […]

Dropping the ball

Australia isn’t the only country planning to drop mandatory physical education from the school curriculum. The British Government has recently made the decision to “scrap” the Labour Party’s current two-hour a week target for compulsory sport in British Schools. The decision has recently been slammed with criticism from the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, who […]

Smoking is bad for you…but guess whats even worse

Fact; smoking is bad for you. We know this. Your parents and probably every school teacher you’ve ever had have warned you against succumbing to the “death sticks”. Anti-smoking commercials are given air time in nearly every commercial break on television showing us exactly how deathly a nicotine addiction can be. Source However, what we don’t know […]

Recess Break or Activity Break?

What role does Recess play in the school day? Food break? Toilet Break? Just a break? Dont be too concerned if you’re not exactly sure. Not many Primary Schools know the answer either. Buckling under the pressure to include more academic instruction throughout the day, many schools are now disregarding the “Recess Break” completely. Source However […]

Play to make the most of your day

Exercise is not a universal remedy for serious mental illness. Sadly, one does not exist. However it is possible to reduce anxiety, ease depression, and regulate sleeping patterns through a consistent, daily commitment to physical activity. A recent study conducted by the Cooper Institute concluded that “relative increases in maximal cardio-respiratory fitness and habitual physical activity […]

Feed the mind with exercise

Combining academic performance and physical activity may sound a bit conflicting.  Surprisingly however, not only do academic performance and physical activity go together, they work best together.(Source) Studies have shown that academic performance can be increased through regular physical activity. This is because physical activity increases the amount of blood flow to the brain. Increased blood flow then releases endorphins which […]

Exercise: Good for the Body, Great for the Brain

We all know exercise is good for the body, but the simple act of moving is incredibly good for the brain too. Here are 5 examples which show the amazing effect that sport can have on the brain. 1. There’s a direct link In a 12 week experiment scientists found that when their subjects jogs […]